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 Welcome to Falmouth Maine Little League

About Us

Falmouth Little League is an organization of volunteers in service to the children of our community. Our purpose is to provide a safe, fun and healthy environment for children to develop the ideals of good sportsmanship, teamwork, fair competition, and respect.

  • Most questions can be answered by searching our FAQs.
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  • When does the season start and finish?
    Teams generally begin holding practices around the end of April. Games start in the beginning of May and end by late June.
  • Does my child need baseball or softball experience to play?
    No! Falmouth Little League is a developmental league that welcomes children of any experience level. In any given year, there is a wide range of experience and abilities among the players.
  • How often are games/practices?
    Typically 10 game for the regular season (two per week), plus playoffs. Before the season begins, coaches are encouraged to hold one or two practices per week, as weather and/or space in the gym permits. Once the season begins, there are at least two scheduled games each week and practices are much less frequent due to field availability.
  • What does my child need for equipment to play in the Little League?
    All players should purchase a baseball/softball glove. Also, the purchase of cleats and baseball/softball pants are highly recommended. The League will provide each player a hat, jersey, and access to team-issued helmets and bats. If your child needs financial assistance, please contact the Little League Board regarding the availability of equipment grants.
  • What are a player’s uniform requirements?
    The league will provide hats and jerseys. Players provide their own belt, socks and pants. After rosters are announced, please consult with manager re: team colors.
  • Where are the games played?
    Home games are played at 65 Depot Rd Falmouth, ME 04105.
  • What is my child’s “LEAGUE AGE” this year?
    Check out these links for age information: Baseball Age Chart Softball Age Chart
  • Can my child play other sports leagues and also play Little League?
    Yes, many players play other sports during the Little League season. However, please make every effort to get your child to as many practices and games as possible. We intentionally have more than nine players on each team to accommodate for inevitable absences, but it is our hope that players will make their best efforts to keep absences to a minimum.
  • I do not want to coach or umpire, but are their other ways that I can help out?
    Yes! Little League utilizes volunteers in a number of settings including its Snack Shack, Opening Day Ceremonies, field prep, and tournament staffing. Please contact the Board for additional information.
  • What is my child’s “LEAGUE AGE” for softball this year?
    Softball Age Chart
  • What is my child’s “LEAGUE AGE” for baseball this year?
    Baseball Age Chart
  • Where are the Tee Ball games played?
    Tee Ball games are played on the Big Legion Field. 65 Depot Rd Falmouth, ME 04105.
  • Are there opportunities to volunteer?
    Volunteer opportunities are available in areas of the snack shack, coaching, umpiring, serving as a team parent, field day maintenance work, board membership, and others.
  • Are there sponsorship opportunities?
    We are always looking for partners to advertise and help fund our improvement and maintenance projects. Check out our sponsorship page here.
  • How can I contact Falmouth Little League?
    Email us:
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