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FLL All Stars Softball

About All Stars

Little League All Stars is a post-season tournament. The Little League World Series is the end of the All Stars Season, so your player could make it there! The opportunity to play on the Falmouth All Stars Softball team is incredible, and absolutely a core memory for the players. 

All Stars is a tournament team, meaning that it is made of the best players from the regular season, and the purpose is to advance in the tournament. Of course, it's also about learning, teamwork, camaraderie, growth, and friendship, but the level of play and the seriousness of the team is important to note. Our teams play first in the D6 tournament, then go to the State tournament (the last stop for Minors level). Majors teams go on to Regionals, then the Little League World Series! 

Falmouth has 8-10 and 11-12 level All Stars Softball teams. Sometimes there might be an opportunity for a 9-11 team. Inspire your player and help us field 2024's All Star teams!

Preparation for All Stars teams begins now, early in the year close to registration. It starts with inspiration, hype (watch the videos on this page, they're great!), and lots of hard work. Make sure you support your player by watching games on TV, watching training videos, and attending practices, Skills and Drills, and clinics. Take and implement coach feedback, and make sure your schedule is ready. We hope to see you on the field! 



All Stars is a high-commitment team. Sometimes there are exceptions, but generally a player will not make the team if they are gone too long on vacation or miss too many practices. Once a player is replaced, they cannot come back.


All Stars teams generally require 5 practices a week (afternoon/evening) starting in June, sometimes overlapping with the end of the regular season. There are at least two games depending on wins and losses, and the schedule is unpredictable. Generally, games start in mid June and run through the conclusion of the District tournament in early-mid July. July 3rd and 4th will not have games, and the District tries to avoid weekend games for travel player accommodations. 

If a team advances to the State Tournament, that would take up the last couple weeks of July. 

If your player is interested in All Stars, please think ahead to vacation planning and try to avoid All Stars time, or try to remain flexible with those dates. 



Falmouth All Stars teams require high level players who can handle very fast pitchers, face scary situations, and work hard for the good of the team. Players must understand that they are all critical to the team, but that they might not get to play their preferred position if it isn't what's best for the team. The games are highly competitive and the talent is high. The purpose is to play our best as a team, to support our teammates, and to hone the skills that contribute to our spot on the All Stars Team. All Stars is not an opportunity to try new positions or to work on skills for positions your player will not be playing (for instance, outfielders will not be doing pitcher practice, etc.). 

With recent rule changes, all All Stars players need to be confident hitters, knowledgeable and aware base runners, and must be able to slide. 


Given the intricacies of building a strong team, the Softball All Stars teams first solicit interest using a sign-up form. From this players, teams are first formed by coach recommendation/selection. If there are remaining spots on a team, we will host a tryout in late May. The tryouts will be hosted by coaches and other board members as necessary, and selections will be announced via email. 

Remember, All Stars is a tournament team, so not everyone will be the right fit for the team, and they might not make it. There is no opportunity for a B team or a practice team, but coming to watch the games and support the team is just as fun! Not making the team one year definitely stinks, but it doesn't mean that you can't try again next year!


If your player is interested in All Stars, encourage them to start working towards that goal before the regular season even begins! 


2023's All Stars Teams

2023 was Falmouth Softball's most exciting year in recent memory! Our Minors (9-10) team took out Westbrook and Tri-Town, and went on to play into the final 4 of the District 6 tournament. It was exhilarating. 

Take a moment to recognize and support the Falmouth 8-10 All Stars players: 

  • Ivy True (Catcher)

  • Maeve Andrews (Pitcher)

  • Parker Greven (First Base)

  • Hunter Francis (2nd Base)

  • Lily Bienek (Shortstop)

  • Jacqueline Sirois (Third Base)

  • Lucci DeRice (Third Base)

  • Caroline Cote (Center Field)

  • Elise Pierson (Right Field)

  • Emilia Pizzo (Extra Hitter)

  • Sylvie Favreau (Extra Hitter) 

  • Kayla Rust (Extra Hitter)

  • Team Manager/Head Coach Emily Bienek

  • Coach Kelly DeRice

  • Coach Ashley Bedard

11-12 Majors players combined with Tri-Town and Gray/New Gloucester:

  • Alina Zemrak

  • Phebe Little

  • Nora Kelley

  • Eva Howison

  • Team Manager/Head Coach Wes Zemrak

  • Coach Brian Little

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