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Falmouth Little League Baseball


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About the Divisions and the Rules

Majors Baseball

Majors Baseball is for League Age 11 and 12. Players League age 10 might play Majors on occasion. This only really happens if we need additional players to fill out a team, or if a 10 year old is so strong and skilled that it's dangerous for their Minors/AAA teammates. 

There are 12 games scheduled, and a season-end double elimination tournament. 

Majors Baseball rules are not modified or phased in any way. We play straight from the Little League Majors baseball rules. 

There are opportunities to be on All Stars Team playing in June. 

Minors (AAA) Baseball

Minors Baseball (also called AAA) is the middle age Division, and the first Player pitch opportunity. This Division is for League Age 9 and 10.


Modified Player Pitch begins with players pitching (everyone has the opportunity unless they opt-out), and will sometimes include coaches stepping in to pitch in lieu of walking the batter.


This Division plays a catcher, and introduces stealing the bases. This season ends in a town playoff.

Teams will have 12 scheduled games, or roughly 2 per week. 

There are opportunities to be on All Stars Team playing in June. 

AA Baseball

AA Baseball is the youngest, most introductory age of baseball currently offered at Falmouth Little League. It is for players League Age 6, 7, and 8, or most 1st and 2nd grade players.

The AA Division is a modified Coach pitch league that focuses on teaching players to hit and field.

There are generally two AA Baseball games per week.

Players who are in kindergarten and younger should sign up for Tee Ball in the Falmouth Little League Baseball program.

AA Baseball Rules

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