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Falmouth Maine Little League

Age Eligibility Guide

Official Little League age rules are different for baseball and softball. Please refer to the charts:

Baseball Age Chart

Softball Age Chart

Falmouth Baseball Age Guidelines

League Age 6+7+8 play in AA (Coach Pitch)

League Age 9+10 play in the AAA (player pitch) division some are eligible for the Majors Division. 10 year-olds who wish to play in the Majors division should attend a skills evaluation OR be recommended for Majors by last year’s AAA coach.

League Age 11+12 play in the Majors division. 

League Age 13 and 14 play Juniors Travel Baseball.

Falmouth Softball Age Guidelines


  • League Age for Softball is defined by the players age on December 31st of the calendar year prior to the current season year. So, the age of your child on Dec 31st, 2022. If your child was 8 on Dec 31st, 2022, they are league age 8 (yes, even if they turn 9 the next day).

  • Playing up (playing in a division older than the league age indicates) is permitted in certain circumstances, but is primarily found for League Age 8 players, or 3rd graders, advancing to the AAA/Minors division. Generally, the player would have needed to play in the lower division (or AA) for at least one season, and would need to be skilled enough to play with the older division (player pitch) without issue.

  • Playing up from AAA/Minors to Majors is not permitted unless tryouts for skilled 5th graders are announced, or unless a player has exceptional skill or size that could cause harm to other players in the AAA/Minors division.

  • Playing down (playing in a division lower than the league age indicates) is permitted in certain circumstances, but is most common when parents think a player (usually league age 9) is not ready for the older division (usually AAA/Minors) and would benefit from another learning season in a lower division (usually AA).

  • Playing down is not permitted from Majors to AAA/Minors unless there is a significant safety issue or too many players on the Majors team.


AA Softball

  • League Age 6+7+8 (first, second, and some third grade)

  • Coach Pitch League for all 1st and 2nd grade players

  • Coach pitch league includes underhanded coach pitches, and focuses on teaching players to hit and field. Players progress through rules, starting with no base-outs, and no strike outs, and learning about and integrating those rules as the season progresses.

  • Players also have the option to play AA baseball

  • Players who are in kindergarten and younger should sign up for Tee Ball in the Falmouth Little League Baseball program.


AAA/Minors Softball

  • League Age 9+10 

  • Modified Player Pitch League for 3rd, 4th, and some 5th graders

  • Modified Player Pitch begins with players pitching (everyone has the opportunity unless they opt-out), and might include coaches stepping in to pitch in lieu of walking the batter. This division plays a catcher, and introduces stealing the bases and stealing home throughout the season. This season ends in a town playoff.

  • League age 8 players are eligible to play up at the AAA/Minors level provided they are experienced enough to handle player-pitch softball.

  • Some 5th graders may be eligible to try out for Majors Division, but only if try-outs are needed and announced.


Majors Softball

  • League Age 11+12 

  • Player Pitch League for some 5th, 6th and 7th graders, or league age 11 through 12

  • Players League age 10 and under must play AAA/Minors softball

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