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Coaches Expectations

Thank you for volunteering to coach in the Falmouth Little League! Without your help, the program could not remain in existence; you are a very important part of our success.

Although your position is voluntary, is comes with a great deal of responsibility. Coaching is not a right, it is a privilege. The Board of Directors has adopted the following expectations which we hope you will agree to and promote throughout the season.


As a Coach or Team Manager, your role is to support the overall purpose of the league while managing your team and its players. In all cases, the good of the league must be put before the good of your team.

You are responsible for communicating to your players the schedule of practices and games. Practices may only be scheduled through the league VP's (Baseball, Softball, or T Ball). Additionally, you are to ensure that your team takes proper care of equipment, uniforms, and our playing fields. At season’s end, you will be asked to return all equipment and uniforms, in suitable condition to begin play next year.

When questions or problems arise, be sure to discuss them with the appropriate people as soon as possible. This may include other coaches, players, or your sport's VP.


Baseball - Craig Bowden,

Softball: Emily Bienek,

T Ball: Jacob Furey 


Falmouth Little League, Little League International, and the Town of Falmouth all require training and certifications for coaches who work with minors. We have tried to streamline this for efficiency, but note that all Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Team Managers, and other volunteers will be required to complete annual training that specialize in coaching youth, sport-specific information, safety and first aid, and child abuse prevention and reporting. This takes a couple of hours, but it's worthwhile and helpful and absolutely a small price to pay for the privilege of coaching our youth. Falmouth Little League covers the cost of this training, and it is completed online. You'll receive information in an email once you've been confirmed as a coach. 

We also require background checks for all coaches and volunteers, so you will need to submit documents at registration if you're volunteering to coach. 

In addition to the online training and background check, you might also be required to take part in assessments, attend sport-specific Coaches Workshops to discuss practice plans, team development, and skills, , and attend Skills and Drills, all-sport practices, or other Clinic based training. 


You are expected to take an active interest in the game of baseball/softball. Increase your knowledge by reading the LL Rule Book, attending as many trainings and workshops as you can, and watching online videos and tutorials.

Understand that each of your players comes to you with their own set of abilities and potential. Motivate each player to give 100%; to be their best. Pride yourself in seeing players grow and develop.

Allow the kids to have fun! Sure, we want to win games, but we do not want to be preoccupied with winning. We are here to provide opportunities to kids, not make professional athletes out of them.


Your challenge is to get your players to work together. Recognize that the team is more than a group of individuals; that each player is dependent upon the others. If your team gives up four runs in the first inning, the team is responsible for coming back and scoring five.

Never criticize a player in public for poor play or making an error. A positive private, discussion can transmit good information, reduce the sense of personal loss, and foster the improvement sought. Remember, kids will respond more to encouragement than to demeaning remarks.

For example, if your player goes down swinging, tell them they took some good cuts, or that they're getting their swings down. Have teammates encourage them. Do not tolerate teammates that make fun of or bullying fellow teammates.


When personnel issues arise, assess the situations quickly, calmly and carefully. Let players know what is expected of them and how they are doing. Offer to help them improve.

If you are concerned only about winning, you will, no doubt, humiliate those players with less than average talent. Conversely, if you are concerned only about feelings, you will deprive those players who want to grow, learn and excel. Balance your desire to win with a sincere concern for the feelings of your players.

Keep your emotions in check. Bursts of anger, aggression and put-downs will not be tolerated. Physical contact in these situations will result in immediate release from your position. Displays of poor sportsmanship, lack of respect for rules, officials or opponents may lead to suspension or other punitive actions by the Board.

Win and lose with class. Teach your players how to handle both. It is likely that the feeling you have following a loss may persist long after the kids have forgotten what happened out there! Keep it in perspective.

We hope that this helps you understand the expectations we have of you as a coach in the FLL. As mentioned, please feel free to contact any of the Board Members during the upcoming season! Thanks again for choosing to help our Falmouth Little Leaguers.

We are sure you’ll find it to be a rewarding experience!


If you witness unruly behavior from anyone (another coach, an umpire, a parent, a spectator) your first duty is for you or another coach to speak to that person and ask them to stop. If the unruly person does not stop, then a coach or umpire or authority figure (league VP or league president if either are present) needs to ask them to leave the premises. If they continue to resist, then the police should be called and the game should be stopped until that person is removed. DO NOT EVER do anything to escalate the situation in front of the children. Acting in this way could lead to league action against you including possible suspension or expulsion from future league activities.


We require all volunteer Coaches and Team Managers to sign a Volunteer Coaches Agreement. This outlines specific expectations that we have of every coach, and provides reporting and communication guidelines. 

Falmouth Maine Little League

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