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Falmouth Maine Little League

General FLL Information

For information regarding how teams are formed, please view Falmouth Little League Operating Guide

Little League Volunteers

If your child participates in the Falmouth Little League, please take a moment to review the Volunteering Information page. We require each family to volunteer for at least two hours per season, otherwise we can't have a program, and especially can't have a thriving program. Visit the Volunteering page for more information and lots of inspiration! 

Falmouth Little League Fields

Falmouth Little League teams play at several parks and fields throughout Falmouth.

The Legion Complex is located at 65 Depot Rd. There are two parking lots and four fields here. The softball field is closest to the library, the one with the all-dirt infield.

Huston Field is in located at 387 Falmouth Rd.


Coaches Information

Thank you for volunteering to coach in the Falmouth Little League! Without your help, the program could not remain in existence; you are a very important part of our success.

Although your position is voluntary, is comes with a great deal of responsibility. Coaching is not a right, it is a privilege. Please review the Coaches Expectations which we hope you will agree to and promote throughout the season.

Player Registration

Registration for Falmouth Maine Little League begins January 1st and continues through Sunday, March 17th. 

Please follow this link:


Questions may be directed to

FLL President - Jeff Bowden,

Baseball VP - Craig Bowden, or

Softball VP - Emily Bienek

 Medical Release Form

Please deliver a completed medical release form to your head coach at the start of the season.

Parent Expectations

The essential elements of character building and ethics in sports are embodied in the concept of sportsmanship and six core principles: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and good sportsmanship. The highest potential of sports is achieved when the competition reflects these six pillars of character. Please assist us in conveying this message to your children.

Please inform the coaches of any physical disability, allergies or any disorder that is relevant to your child’s behavior and enjoyment.

Cheering is welcome and encouraged but, please be respectful of all players and teams, umpires, coaches and spectators around you. Help us teach your kids to win and lose with class. Teach your kids how to handle both.


Please communicate with your coaches if your child is not able to attend a game or practice. Keep in mind that coaches are all volunteers and the more support and communication they get from you, the better organized they will be AND the better the experience will be for all of the kids.

If you witness unruly behavior from anyone (another coach, an umpire, a parent, a spectator) your first duty is for you to ask a coach to speak to that person and ask them to stop. If the unruly person does not stop, then a coach or umpire or authority figure (league VP or league president if either are present) needs to ask them to leave the premises. If they continue to resist, then the police should be called and the game should be stopped until that person is removed. DO NOT EVER do anything to escalate the situation in front of the children. Acting in this way could lead to league action against you including possible suspension or expulsion from future league activities.

If you have questions, concerns, feedback, disputes, complaints or dissatisfaction, please contact a coach or board member ASAP. Please do not get into any heated conversation or argument on or around the fields where kids are nearby.

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