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Falmouth Little League T Ball

T Ball

4-year old Tee Ball is open to players who turn 4 before September 1. This is an introductory level league that focuses on the basic skills of baseball and softball. Players will get the opportunity to field, throw, run the bases and hit off a tee. The focus is on making it fun for the kids and introducing them to the sport.

5-6 year old Tee Ball is for Kindergarten and First grade players. At this level, kids will spend time practicing the basic skills and this will be followed with a short, structured game each session. The games are meant to familiarize kids with game situations, with no outs and no kept score.   


4-year old Tee Ball is on Saturday mornings only from 10:00-11:00. 

For 5-6 year old Tee ball parents can choose between a Mon/Wed league or a Tues/Thurs league.  For both leagues, Tee Ball starts at 5:30 and is usually complete by 6:45. Each session will include some time for practicing basic skills, followed by a short game. There are no additional practices for Tee Ball.


For both leagues, the season starts at the end of April or the beginning of May and concludes by the middle of June. 


Players will need to have their own glove for Tee Ball, all other equipment will be provided by the league. Players may bring their own bat or helmet if they prefer.



Our league relies entirely on volunteers and we are always looking for help. Please consider volunteering to help coach. For this age, multiple coaches per team are needed and you do not need to have any experience in baseball or softball to be a great coach. The coaches primary responsibilities are ensuring that the kids are safe and are having fun. This is much easier to accomplish when we have extra help. Please consider volunteering to coach your child’s team, it is a great way to get to know the other kids and you have a great view of the game! 


If you are unable to coach, parents may meet their volunteer requirement in other ways such as assisting in the snack shack. 

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